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Welcome to the Brown Boy Experience website.  I'm glad you took the time out to visit my page. I'm probably one of the most laid back photographers you'll ever meet.  I would love to collaborate with you and make some magic happen.  Explore the site and see all my other clients who were able to be apart of the experience.

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My Story

Born in Charleston, SC raised in Raleigh, NC. One would say "you are a Carolinas baby." I acknowledge my creative mind when I turned eight years old. I loved to draw and color. I won multiple coloring contest.  I always had my mind on being a NBA superstar.  My mom always told me to have a back up plan. After taking my first graphics class in High School, I never knew that it would be my turning point to my success and entrepreneurship


I studied graphics while attending North Carolina A&T State University in Greensboro, NC.  I picked up photography along the way a few years after.  I have been designing graphics and photographing professionally since 2008.


I describe my photography as creative love.  I put my mind and soul into all of my work.  My focus is to see my clients walk out with a smile full of memories. I am grateful every day to be blessed with a fulfilling job and loving family. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting clients to shoot. Let's connect.



Shae Burwell

I  really appreciate you from the bottom of  my heart.  You have the most patiences. You were awesome!  I will spread  the word to my friends and family!


Daniesha Pullen

You got me looking like money!  Thank you so much!  My husband and I needed to update our headsots for our new business and you did that!


A. Ruth Proctor

You over exceeded my expectations.  I'm very thankful I was referred to you. You have a returning customer.


Ethan Ocean

We were all very excited to work with you.  Everyone's headshots came out great.  My team and I at Oceangroup Realty thanks you greatly!


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